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Forgive the really late post. I had been really busy with other stuff like work (I come home at 8pm, so...) fixing my website and portfolio; and my other hobby - letterpress.

Moving aside, we had a long weekend and we had the opportunity to take a small vacation to one of the popular surf spots in the Philippines- Baler!

Its a six hour drive from Manila to Baler; its not really that far, you get to see some really nice rice fields and this dam which I don't remember what the name is. Quite a spectacular view!

We got there at afternoon. The beach isn't really special besides the waves (well, of course if you compare it to Boracay, Palawan or elsewhere). It has black sand and shallow waters. Its good for surfing because you don't have to paddle crazy to reach quite far.

If you're interested in renting surfboards, there's tons of shops out there. It's cheaper to rent it for half a day rather by hours. There's a whole day option but I doubt that you can surf that long, haha.

Speaking of other things, there are a lot of places to stay, but the one that really stands out is Costa Pacifica (namely because it's so huge and its in the bay walk so everyone passes thru it). Its really modern. Expensive in my opinion though, but the food is great!

Speaking of food, I'm only posting the ones I like the best. (We ordered Pako salad, some chicken satay, seafood kare-kare, some buttered fish whose name I do not remember and the amazing pizza which I had forgotten to take a photo of :( ) 

I really loved this Pako salad. It has fern leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, red eggs and some little sun dried fish.   

This chicken satay is the BOMB. I love it. Also, we had ordered pizza, it was fresh out of the oven (you can see it, yes) and it was so good, so DAMN good. I tasted something like vigan longganisa, its just so damn good.

There are other places with good food, namely, Bay-ler view. Too bad I couldn't take pictures because we were just fresh out of the water, exhausted, and too hungry to take pictures. But we ate there like three times. Their breakfast is so good. Try their Tapa!

There are other things to do in Baler other than surfing. The most enjoyable and rewarding one was going to the waterfalls (called Mother Falls). It takes 20-30 minutes walk, but at the end of it was so rewarding. I'll tell why at the end of the post!

The water the was nice and clear (and clean). You can even drink from it, seriously.

That place is a hydroelectric power plant, so there are these huge pipes that transport water. I find them quite nice as if some kind of a ruin from a movie scene.


All I can say that it is so beautiful there that probably its the most beautiful waterfall I've ever been (I've been to some). I never seen anything so blue-ish green and clear.

I was so sore from yesterday, and I really didn't feel like swimming (well because surfing is bit like push ups and squats). And well, when I saw it, I was like f*ck what I said, I'll take a dip even if I didn't have spare clothes, hahaha!

I'll definitely come back fo sho!

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