Room Re-paint

9:13 PM

Well I actually finished my room like 3 months ago, hahaha... Just catching on some post!
Anyways, I just feel like I needed a new "environment" because I felt that my design attitude really changed. I'm now into simple block colors, patterns and everything minimal which is the complete opposite of my old room...

This is how it looked like back then. Multiple frames, colorful stuff... Though the frames kept adding up. These are old pictures ( around 2 and a half years ago)

I decided to repaint my room because this one looked so busy for me. And because I realized I really didn't like that shade of pink (because I asked for a NEON pink, not light pink).

I'm quite into neons with black/white/patterns. Chevron's my favorite pattern at the moment.

It took me weeks to finish this room. It's the patterns that took time. I painted everything with 2-3 coats of white, then proceeded with neon green, and then lastly, black.

Getting the job done...

The edges! I still had to touch up the edges and remove pencil lines.

Making sure everything is perfectly line up; I put some black dots on those that needs to be painted black and neon for the neon ones.

And so this is how it looks like now! (Though I added a nice, zebra patterned carpet on the floor). No zebras were hurt in the process.

The patters which are painstakingly annoying nd hard to make but totally worth t

I still wanted to draw on the wall so I did.

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