UST Baccalaureate '14

5:08 AM

My closest friends (from the left) Kristy, Dianne, Me (center), Claudine and Gaby
It strikes me as "the day of lasts"... The last time I will ever wear my uniform, walk in the halls or roam the campus as a student. The final chapter of my university life is here and it hits me...  "so soon?". It really just felt like yesterday we were freshies in paint splotched uniforms and slacks tainted with plaster (weirdly enough, when you're in the lower years, graduation seems so far).

We were writing on our uniforms at this time.
Me and Vinci (College Mascot)

21st of March, 2014. Baccalaureate mass, a nice ending to our university life- dear friends and classmates writing on each one's uniforms, a really nice remembrance of your friends and university (a lot of selfies happened too). The university gave us a lot of nice memories on this day; they gave us a Dominican cross and behind it engraved "UST 2013-2014". 

Colors, Water, Fun.

It started with a mass, the orchestra was so nice, and after that, PARTY TIME! Our college, CFAD, had a really nice surprise for us, some balloons, glow sticks and they threw us some colored powders (Holi-inspired). We were so loud and colorful and we didn't mind getting wet and dirty that night :)

Candles lighted up.

At the end, we lighted our candles, it was a beautiful sight. Imagine all those 8,000 graduates lighting it up and then the UST hymn... I must admit, I went teary and we all sang it with all our heart (because, hey, its the 2nd to the last time we were going to sing it). After that, of course, the university is always saving for the last what it's famous for - Pyromusicals! It was just so beautiful, I didn't want to look at the viewfinder anymore and pictures don't do it justice. Amazing. (If you want to watch it, there's a video on YT)

The backside of the Arch. Going out.

The last piece of the day was exiting the Arch of the Centuries. During the first year, all freshmen go inside the Arch- think of it as a welcome to the university. It's a common belief that if you go out of the arch while you're still studying, you'll get jinxed and you won't graduate; so no one really goes out of it. Now, it's time to exit the arch, a goodbye to the university.

We had tons of pictures tonight. They all don't fit in blogger, so I only choose memorable ones (or they're all uploaded in Facebook.)

I'm so thankful for everyone that made this 4 years so memorable, my friends and blockmates especially. I'll really miss this bunch of crazy people. DAMN. I'll so miss everyone.

 I'll so miss my beloved UST. It was one of the best choices in my life. I'll miss the green space, the atmosphere, the beating of drums, cheering "go USTe!", the lights during Paskuhan, pyromusicals, the buildings, everything and everyone, the street foods, the smoke, the flood.

I'm not the cheesy kind of person, not a person who is too attached or whatever. But for the first time, I'm really sad to let go. I love UST and everyone that's been part of my 4 years.

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