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Forgive my really late post, this one happened THREE MONTHS AGO. Currently been busy renovating my room, doing my website portfolio, doing other people's website, some package design, photography. I'll try post everything I've missed within this week or next week.
Oh yes, and I was on vacation. 

Anyways, I graduated BFA Advertising Arts at the University of Santo Tomas, College of Fine Arts and Design (yep, very long), I managed to be a cum laude (yey) and I was a consistent dean's lister, from the first year till this last year.

Since I'm not allowed to take my bulky camera with me, in my graduation toga, I had to entrust it to someone else, and of course, whenever you do that, expect bad pictures even if it's in full auto. So sorry if they're not so good.

Official graduation photo which looks quite beautiful that I can't believe that's me. I didn't do the make-up. I don't even know how...
My best friends. We've been friends for nine years. We wanted to graduate all together, but oh well, I was the first one to finish. I didn't fail any subjects, that's why.

The venue, which I honestly didn't like because it's a sports gym and a circular stage is just weird. But it's ok.

And the biggest surprise of them all was the gift from my best friends. We're all rough and manlike lol, so I never expected them to give me a gift, a very cheesy one. Flowers, a tiger toy (UST mascot) and a card which they all wrote on and they went to our high school so that our former teachers can also write in. Awww.

Right now, I can't believe that I've finish the last four years of my study. I got teary when we sang our university hymn because hey, this is the last time I'm ever going to sing this.

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