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One of the highlights in BANZAI is that they have performances from staff and their chefs.

I want to seriously catch up to the times. I fell behind my own blog... I dedicated myself to post at least once a week. I've been super busy these past few weeks that I barely even had time for myself. I decided to do the stuff that I haven't done regularly in a while. Blogging, taking pictures for LB and more intense exercise (because my exercise times have lessened to half).

The look of their place is really great. Really looks authentic sans the lowered tables.
Anyways, here I am, to post this REALLY late entry for me and my brother's birthday ( a lot more to follow after this). We had lunch at BANZAI: The great teppanyaki theater at MOA. Its an eat all you can buffet. We paid P 1088 per person on the weekend. As usual, birthday celebrants are free, so hey, we pay for one less.

Their Yakitori section. And pizza on the side. 


Some of their sushi. There wasn't too much options though.

Firstly, I have to say, the place is amazing. It really feels authentically Japanese (sans the lower table). The ambiance is great. The food is also great (yes, great, not amazing). They had a lot of selections like sushi (though I felt other buffets did a better job for the sushi), sashimi, yakitori, some DIY soba noodles, dessert (though bit disappointed since I didn't see authentic dessert, I was expecting some mochi, rice cakes, etc), salads (though sadly these weren't Japanese salads, and they only had miso soup), roast section, an okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) section and other dishes.

DIY noodle station.  
What I really loved in this place was the entertainment. Japanese music started playing (I know what artist they play! Google up Yoshida Brothers and bask in the glorious sound of the shamisen. Plus, they also do modern mixes) and there were staff(?) in kimonos, ninja outfits, and a shogun (totally cool) their chefs also performed knife juggling skills (at one point all of the stoves went up in 5 foot flames, I was a bit close to them since I was taking pics. I honestly felt the warmth of the flame). It was totally amusing.

You can pose with them! My bodyguards. And of course! I'm blurred because I let someone else take the camera.

Its an amazing place if you really love Japanese food (on a budget) . If not, it might not be your taste because there really is just Japanese food in here.

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