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Get it? Hahaha! I'm a very busy person. Due to the long holiday, and the exams I has just this month, not to mention my dissertation, It took me time to sort out my photos and things from this trip of mine. I'm going to a lot of places. First stop: Amsterdam.

They weren't kidding when they said Amsterdam was full of bikes.

I went to Amsterdam just by coach (bus)! It was an 11 hour long trip (due to multiple stops), and I rode a night coach from Eurolines, which I think cost me just £30 from London Victoria Coach station. It wasn't that bad, the seats were comfy (I got two seats for myself), they had usb chargers on their bus, and a toilet, which was surprising clean.

I left London around 7:00 pm and Arrived in Duivendrecht Station at around 6:00 am (probably, the trip was shorter because the Netherlands is an hour ahead). Their transport system is so efficient. I've always thought that you can NEVER get lost in Europe.

I stayed in an AIRBNB home for the first time, since I'm stretching my money so I could reach other places (wait for my next posts on Budapest, Brasov, and Hamburg). 

It's easy to get around Amsterdam. When you're taking a tram, just go to its center and you'll find a ticket counter. The prices vary, but if you're going to a lot of places, you'll be better off buying passes (unless you want to cycle).

This pretty building over here is a shopping centre. Everything is an eye candy in Amsterdam!

As for me, I got myself an IAMsterdam city pass. The 24 hour ones include free use of all public transportation, as well as free admissions to a lot of museum, a free canal cruise, and discounts to some places. In my opinion, its worth it, if you're strict on your schedule. Because I found myself too tired to explore everything within the day, and the night I wanted to take my canal cruise, it rained so hard, and I was like a shivering, wet cat in the city (I was there late December).

Stedelijk Museum

I'm not telling you how to get to the museum, that really depends on where you are, but there is a tram line called "Museumplein". By the name itself, you can guess that there's a lot of museums in that area. Conveniently enough, the most popular museums are close to each other: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk museum. I'm not going into full detail of what is inside each museum because that will take me forever then. Van Gogh and Stedelijk museums are free if you have the IAMsterdam card, and Rijksmuseum is discounted. Take note: If you want to avoid long queues, go as soon as they open (and buy tickets in advance), because they can be incredibly long.

Van Gogh Museum
Be prepared to spend some money when you're inside the museum, they have some incredible stuff in there (I mean, they have books, postcards, and amazing art merchandise you won't find anywhere). I've always been a huge fan of Van Gogh's paintings; they were so beautiful up close, probably no photo could ever do justice to it. 

Oh yes! Every third Sunday of the month, a market pops near the Rijksmuseum. It's full of craft stuff from locals, as well as local food! When you're in the Netherlands, be sure to try a fresh stroopwafel!

To be honest, you don't even need public transport (unless where you're staying is far from the city centre, and when you're with your luggage) because everything is quite near each other. It's ok to get lost in Amsterdam, and you'll even discover some nice nooks! 

Other places to go include the Heineken brewery, if you're a big fan of alcohols, you'll enjoy this place, totally worth the money, since there is quite a lot to do inside. You'll get at least 2 pints free beer when you get in, there's a bar inside where you can trade this tiny buttons you get on the entrance for beers, some tv, photo room, and a big ass souvenir shop. Prepared to spend money as well on awesome things such as having a personalised beer bottle. It cost me 9 euros, but oh well!

Inside the (defunct) brewery
The last place I've visited is the Rembrandt House Museum. I love the master's work, but I guess this was a little bit disappointing, since I've seen more work of his students, and other artists, than Rembrandt in his own house. It's mostly a tour of his house- there's also a printmaking session there, as well as paintmaking from powders and turpentine, you'll spend mostly an hour in here, if you're truly interested in learning his story (and parts of his house). This museum is free on the IAMsterdam card.

Rembrandt House Museum
Loot and takeaways!
Well, that's it for Amsterdam! It was a really nice trip and luckily, very good weather when I came there. Thanks for reading! Wait for the next stop!

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