Visayas Travel Pt.2 - Dumagete City

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Dumagete city is the Capital of Negros Occidental. It takes 20 minutes to get there from Liloan Port back in Cebu. Check out the first part of my travel HERE

01 April 2015

To Dumagete City : a short visit

Dumagete city is incredibly scenic. A long stretch of its road (Rizal Boulevard) is a beautiful, turquoise and deep blue colored bay with a nice view of the blue sky.

A tricycle by the baywalk.
Now, what to do in Dumagete? We actually came here to eat and see the city for a bit. There's a stretch of restaurant in besides Rizal Boulevard (see above).  We really came here to eat since we've heard about the restaurants over the tv. We've been eating just fairly decent food in Oslob, there wasn't really a big restaurant anywhere there, and they had the same food... We had grilled pork and Sinigang na Isda (Tamarind soup with fish) four times...

Anyways, we ate in Lab-as (or Hayahay), a treehouse restaurant. Its nice to enjoy the view of the sea while eating.

We ate some baked talaba (oysters) and they were insanely good! plus its fresh (they have a tank full of fresh seafood) and cheap. We had some chili crabs (which were more sweet than chili though) which you can order if you don't mind eating messy, some grilled squid which tastes like every grilled squid, and gulay ala probinsya (roughly translates to countryside veggies or veggies in countryside-style) which are basically steamed okra, eggplants, bitter gourd, and kang-kong (watercress).

Clockwise from the left: Baked talaba (Oysters), Chili crabs, grilled squid, gulay ala probinsya (countryside veggies)
We ate here twice: the first time we came here, and the next day (because hey, it was just so good!) our favorite is the native chicken; its so tasty than your regular chicken even if its less meatier and drier, there's just some natural taste in it! and we had some grilled tanigue (white marlin, I think) and some sinigang na halaan (scallops in tamarind soup) which is not pictured here (because it was just basically a soup bowl).

The food is great and its cheap. We only paid 2300 pesos (almost 60$) for all of the above, with a lot of rice, 4 buko (coconut) juices and we were seven full grown adults. SEVEN.

Anyways, a few minutes by trike is the Dumagete bell tower which is situated in a busy street. Be careful when taking photos, you don't want to get run over.

We also wanted to go to the sand bar, but it was a fail. We had to get back at the port at 5:30pm (last trip back to Cebu) and we underestimated the time to get there. We didn't anticipate it would take an hour and a half to go to the beaches, and another 45 minutes to get to the sand bar. Lesson learned: PLAN WELL AND BE REALISTIC ABOUT THE TIME.

Next stop: Bohol.

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