Senior Retreat: Caleruega

8:02 PM

I had an exact same picture on this exact spot last 2012.
We had our college retreat last November 18th to 20th on Caleruega, Batangas. It's our last retreat, it was both fun and sad really, because I think it would be the last time we would be able to spend our time together as a whole block; And sometimes I just can't believe we're so close to graduating.

I actually got some valuable lessons on this trip, from our speakers which really gave a valuable and meaningful lesson about life, our careers and our health too, and most specially, our block (Ad 8) got more close, it was a really great time, and I got to listen to them share things; I guess some of them I never actually saw in them that they had problems, but I know how it is, you get better when you're able to let those feelings out. Everyone said that this retreat was life-changing and I agree with that.

We had an activity where we would hang our envelopes by the wall, and we can put messages in other people's envelopes, such as friends, classmates and whomever. I got to read mine, it got me touched.

Me (last one on the right) and my original set of friends there at CFAD; From the left: Kristy, Claudine, Dianne & Gaby.
Too bad I couldn't take pictures of the activities, but we had this one called the "Circle of Kindness" (or so I hope I remembered it correctly). I got to know what my class thought about me; mostly that I was good in advertising and creative stuff, my fashion sense, and that for sure I'd land somewhere in the future (I hope so). I told some that I wish I was closer to them because I think it was that only time in my four years of study I got to talk to them. Well, I'm shy and all.

On the way to the bridge.

We took some pictures on our free time, I won't include everything because there's too many; we had tons of pictures on our way to the hanging bridge (estimated 3-4 floors high if you fell down).
It's a really beautiful place up in the mountains, and cold of course. Badly enough I bought all sleeveless shirts and not even one jacket with me. I was rushing, and I had a small bag :(

The bonfire, I think it's at least 10-12 feet tall.
Afterwards, we had a bonfire night, which as both exciting (because maybe it's the first time for all of us) and a bit annoying because the bonfire was so huge, it was a windy night, so the smoke went to all of us, resulting in puffy eyes and badly, we all smelled like barbecues. We had to present something, given we only had less than an hour to practice. We ended up singing some mash up of songs. We had the first turn, it was good because the expectation levels were still too low LOL. Others made up some stand up comedy.

My blockmates, AD8, we've been together for 3 years as a block. I'll really miss these guys.
Not everyone's present though, I think 8 people didn't come with us. There's only 22 of us there, we would be 28 if we all came. We're just 30 now, I counted how many left our class within 3 years, 15 I think.

 After a mass, and the lunch, we left the place at around 1 pm and arrive at the university at 5 pm. It was a long trip because of the traffic. We had only stopped twice, to buy some pasalubong (native snacks) and a trip to the bathroom. We were like just a few KM's away from the university and it took us one hour, one freakin' hour. But it was good to be home and catch proper zz's.

Till next time!

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