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The last leg of my Euro trip. From the UK, to the Netherlands, to Hungary, to Romania, and now, Hamburg, Germany. I apologise that I've posted it so late!

One of the shopping streets in Hamburg. 
I arrived in Germany at Dortmund Airport. I'm staying over to my friend's home in Hamburg (hurray free accommodation). It only took me a few hours to go from Dortmund to Hamburg on the train. German trains are so amazing. I can say it's way better than the trains in the UK. Like Hungary and Romania, there are no ticket scanning machines- yes, you can ride as long as there isn't anyone who'll check the ticket; otherwise, you'll get a hefty fine. Better safe than sorry. Don't risk it!

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (central train station)
A fun fact, a person from Hamburg is called a Hamburger. And a person from Berlin is called a Berliner (jam filled donut with sugar on top). Yum. Hahaha.
Christmas market on the other side of the canal in Hamburg
Another one of the shopping streets
The next day, I started to wander around on my own. That's what I do best. Plenty of canals around the city centre. You'll be shocked that Hamburg has more canals than Amsterdam has. Anyways, plenty of sights to see, including the rathaus- the city hall. I feel bad that a pretty building with proper people who know how to run governments has that name because it would be more fitting for the government back at home in the Philippines (lol).

Near the rathaus boasts the canals, the big shops, and a big church right in the middle of it. 

Jim Block - Go here for amazing, yet cheap burgers. Some foods around the market.
Since I came here around late December to January, there were still winter/Christmas markets. The one in Hamburg was so huge. People selling knitted goods, the usual mulled wine to warm you up on the cold day, sweets, little fried doughnuts or schmalzkuchen (available in sugar, and or Nutella), and I got to try legit currywurst, in which in my disappointment is nothing but a wiener sprinkled in curry powder (I'm so sorry, but the best sausage I've tasted was back in Budapest). They also have some kind of gingerbread with messages on them.

I also have to dedicate this one line on how there were so many Nutella flavoured things: from donuts, to crepes, to sweets, cakes, and fruits. 

Snapshots around the city: Hamburg Haufbahnhop, a large kinder surprise egg, city centre, and me celebrating new year in Hamburg
Talking about food, I highly recommend going to their supermarkets and get yourself some wurst (pronounced 'vursht'), cold cults, a whole selection of cheap Kinder goodies. Some markets even have ONE AISLE dedicated to just gummy candies.  When in the city, go try Jim Block- for massive burgers, beer mixed with soda (they call it railer) for a really good price. You'll come out of this place with stomach bursting.

You may want to go to the port as well. Bustling with souvenir shops, a hard rock cafe, and a ferry that takes you around the place. I don't know if I want to recommend it to people, it just felt a bit depressing because most of the time, I see massive cranes, machines, and containers. Not feeling exactly happy because it reminds me of capitalism. I have photos, but not too happy enough to post them since they are just massive cranes and crates.

Red District in Hamburg
St.Pauli hosts Hamburg's red light district, a whole stretch of street, Reeperbahn, is dedicated to this. I'm adventurous, but not that adventurous! So I didn't go here at all at night, just in the day to look around.

St. Petri's church in Hamburg

There's a lot of things to see in Hamburg. In terms of Architecture, there are a lot of red, bricked, buildings, some modern ones, some churches and pretty old yet charming buildings such as the Rathaus, the photo up there is St. Petri's. Tall, massive, red, black, a bit gloomy!

I spent my new year in Hamburg. During this time, it was hella cold (around -7c). Though it was cold, I am quite happy to say I've experienced my first snow! I noticed while walking that small white 'dust' were floating around. I had no glasses with me, and when I caught some in my glove, I'm like, OMG A SNOWFLAKE!!! Didn't expect it to look like this! I know they say no two snowflakes are alike, and I believe it!

Anyways, that caps my short trip in Hamburg. Now I'm back in the UK. After I make progress with my dissertation, I'm hoping to be put on the move again either August or September! I'm eyeing Czech Republic for my next trip. 


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